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The purpose of Trans-world Education College is to contribute to the education of a population of diverse, presently predominantly African cultures. The College realizes this mission through the employment and development of a distance learning programmes and faculty of scholars who are proficient in the art of teaching.

The College strives to prepare the students for employment in their chosen career or advanced studies through the acquisition of the required skills and knowledge needed for the successful completion of the program of studies.

Transworld Education College strives to provide the educational facilities and resources that support intensive sessions of study in small classes, in order to foster in the student the attainment of a quality education according to the student’s personal goals, and the advancement of modern technology.

Furthermore, Transworld Education College provides educational and cultural programs intended to enrich the community it serves.


Trans-world Education College is a United Kingdom base independent institution of higher learning offering tuition training by distance learning on a wide variety of courses. The college have affiliation with some US and UK universities.

Trans-world Education College was established over 30 years ago. The college has trained over 150,000 students across Europe, Asia, the America and Africa through its highly effective distance learning programmes.

Because of the believe that the right education is vital to propelling emerging economics to sustainable prosperity, TWEC had over these decades change the face of long distance learning by implementing a project which sort to open country offices and representation in most of Asia and Africa to make educational services much cheaper, closer and easier to access.

In pursuance of the above objectives, both the TWEC trustee and the Academic Review Committee of the college came to an agreement to device a means to free up limitation and open the country offices to indigenous control.